NONLINEAR. Pedro Álvarez-Tabío



"Why is that you were born in Havana, carry a Spanish passport, have a Miami phone number, live in Chicago, all that while visiting New York?"

I am an Engineer. Main thing I do is I develop well-designed, well-tested software, most of times under aggressive timelines and high stakes. I've been lucky to be among world-class teams that have told me very valuable lessons throughout my career, and am always up for a big challenge [1]. My main areas of focus are mobile, automotive, mapping and Internet of Things. I also play around with deep learning in my spare time.

I currently work at Rylo. Rylo is a small, sturdy 360 camera with insane stabilization technology. It plugs to your phone and pops up a magical app that lets you edit your footage in minutes. It's like your own production crew – but it's just you and it takes minutes to edit professional-grade video.

Three years back, and starting from an integrated circuit board that barely worked, me and some other great folks launched Navdy commercially. We also improved it even further, launching version 1.1. Both were received with amazing feedback from users, investors and press.

Before that, I created stuff for connected cars at Nokia's HERE Maps, which I joined late 2012 after graduating from an MS Computer Science at Illinois Tech. Prior to coming to the US, I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.

I'm all for the hacker way, and when I have time I spend it tinkering with things that I usually put on Github, or I make videos of. I have also published research on distributed systems when I was part of the DataSys lab at IIT and I'm the author of several patents in mapping technologies.

Last but not least, I have also helped startups on their mobile projects. Among others, an in-road broadcasting service for connected cars, and a guide for Chicago's gorgeous Millennium Park!

For more info about me, check my resume. I usually post things on Twitter, as well as (mostly) non-food pictures on Instagram. Any thoughts/suggestions about the blog, or just for saying hi, shoot me an email!

[1] Hit me up if you have one of those!