NONLINEAR. Pedro Álvarez-Tabío

Hacking on the Ghost Blogging Platform


As some of you might already know, a few guys did a Kickstarter campaign for an all-new, developer-friendly blogging platform called Ghost. Their promise was to deliver a completely customizable, open source and modern experience to content publishing.

I started looking closely at it after its first release version, and was sold by both how well it is designed and also the technology choices that were made. It's the best excuse for me to truly learn by doing stuff like Node.js or Handlebars, which I had been itching to for quite a while.

Plus, my blog needed urgent backend support! I was thinking in the beginning that just by creating static HTML pages I would be good to go (maybe with some added Jekyll, but having more control and capabilities (metrics!) with a more powerful platform is definitely handy in many situations.

Basically, the project consisted in customizing the default theme in Ghost (appropriately named Casper) by adding some HTML/CSS as well as Javascript/Handlebars/jQuery magic in order to keep the essence of the design I made for the original blog, if only improving it a bit.

I just open sourced it, you can find it and fork it and do whatever you want with it on Github. Suggestions welcome!

I will write a series of posts during the next few weeks that illustrate how I did what I did. Coming soon!

  • Modifying the looks. Custom Icons
  • Header pics, change!
  • Final touches, deployment
  • Conclusions

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