NONLINEAR. Pedro Álvarez-Tabío


So here it starts. Let me first introduce myself: Pedro Alvarez-Tabio here, at the moment of this writing I am a 24-year-old recent Computer Science graduate working on the coolest stuff ever (i.e. connected car) for Nokia. I was born in the beautiful Cuba and all my family is from there. That said, I have lived for the most part of my life in the (also very beautiful) Spain, so if you are awesome enough to speak Spanish you'll immediately notice my Spain accent. Right now I am living in Chicago though, which I love... in Summer. That partly explains why this blog is entirely in English.

You might ask about the title of this blog, "Nonlinear". Truth is, nonlinearity has been a constant in my life, which has been so far full of change and adaptation. It is my one defining thing, and has helped shape who I am right now. But we'll talk about that later.

This blog will be about three main things, or at least this is my initial intention (suggestions welcome!). First and foremost, technology. Tech (and computers in particular) have been my passion since before I can remember. Age 3, Commander Keen on a 286 machine, just saying. Namely: programming languages, scalability, frameworks, machine learning, hardware. Second thing, which I discovered later, is everything that surrounds the business of technology. Startups, product, design are all things that fascinate me apart from the usual hardcore-nerd stuff. Finally, life in general, which can be pretty interesting when turning off the computer! Hope you have at least a fraction of the fun I'm having writing this :)