NONLINEAR. Pedro Álvarez-Tabío

What I want to get out of Startup School NYC


I'm certainly excited for today. As a person that has been for quite a long time very interested in the power startups wield to change business, technology and society (and an avid reader of Hacker News and YCombinator startup stories) attending Startup School in New York today is both an honor and a dream come true.

Of course, I want to get as much out of this experience as possible. But, what and how?

First, I want it to serve as an inspiration to take the leap and do a startup. I have for a long time flirted with the idea, but never got the decision partly because I felt very inexperienced. I feel right now I'm approaching the sweet spot as I know a thing or two about the tech industry, being at the same time without any big life commitments (say family, mortgage). Only thing remaining is the kind of kick I'm surely going to get from this event.

I also want to know the untold startup stories, the nitty-gritty detail. We all read in TechCrunch about all the success stories, all the big funding. I want to hear about the founder struggling with the term sheet, the other who has to find a new place to host all the new team members, another one . Those "small struggles" you never hear them in . Sometimes I feel that I only see the tip of the iceberg. I want to get a genuine feel of what it takes to run a startup.

Finally, I crave being surrounded by smart people. Smart at the level of making me feel completely stupid and clueless in comparison. Of course I want the picture with Paul Graham, but I feel that getting to know these folks with amazing stories and backgrounds will be the deal-maker. After all, startups are people. And Startup School is mostly about convincing clueless hackers like me to do startups, isn't it?

There's a few resources that some awesome Startup School attendants have put together for the event:

Action is on in a few hours. I'll keep you posted.

So, any more inputs on how can I make the most of it? Comment on Hacker News.